For Your Small Business

Sans Souci provides flexible, part-time operations support to small businesses, start-ups and self-employed professionals. In just a few hours a week, we can handle your back-office needs, create more time in your day, and make your infrastructure solid and scalable.


For Your Executive Life

Do you need support staff but don’t want the overhead? Are there key projects you are putting aside to focus on administrative tasks? We improve the overall efficiency of your work by taking routine tasks and projects off your plate, so you can focus on the big-picture.

Sans Souci can manage your overflow projects, or step in as a part-time COO to improve your whole operation. We’re both efficient and flexible, so if you need 5 hours of support one week, and 15 the next, that’s fine with us.

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A Bit About Us

Alexandra Creighton

Everyone needs a way to manage their tasks and projects efficiently, to capture and recall crucial information, to maintain positive professional relationships, and of course, to keep track of their finances. I’ve built Sans Souci to help others manage these essential, day-to-day tasks, so they can get back to their vision and realize their larger goals.

At Sans Souci, we’re passionate about the problem solving that goes into making small businesses thrive, and enabling the people who create them to achieve excellence and fulfillment in their work.

Curious about how we can improve your productivity? Email us to set up a time to chat.